Developing Knowledge is a site designed to challenge your beliefs about the concept of development, while also dispel some of the stereotypes about Africa as a whole. Within the folds of my pages, it is my goal to leave my readers thinking about education-in the United States, in Europe, in the Global South-and to question their own knowledge. My main focus lays with South Africa and Namibia, although I challenge you to compare education and knowledge across cultures to see what you come up with.

If I have spurred your interest, then I have at least done something right.

When you take the time to dive into my facts, arguments, and positions, it is my hope that you will find that ‘fixing’ an education system is not as easy as it sounds, and that there may, in fact, be some parts of the education system that need not be fixed.

I now invite you into my website, and ask that you challenge my own ideas, shatter my own viewpoints, and point me in directions that I may not have found on my own.

 *Website dedicated to Beatrice Gutierrez: a wonderful teacher, a caring mother, and a loving grandmother.